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History / Certificates and Awards

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  • Made an agreement with the Human Resources Development Service of Korea about national team members
  • Employment and support for the Skills Competition Project (signed the MOU with the Korea Furniture Society)


  • Granted with the Certificate of Recognition by Incheon Metropolitan City


  • Launched the online shopping mall EMONS HOME
  • Built nationwide logistics networks (Busan, Honam region, Chungcheong, Gyeongnam, and Jeonbuk)


  • Built an extension of the logistics base in the Namdong Industrial Complex and extended the exhibition center


  • Established the EMONS Design Research Center (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • Selected the 2010 EMONS FURNITURE skilled craftsmen
  • Appointed Kim Gyeong-su as the CEO and Chairman, and Jo Seong-je as the President
  • Opened the Nonhyeon Exhibition Center in Seoul


  • Launched the online furniture brand of EMONS HOME
  • Celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation


  • Launched the office furniture brand of EMONS OFFICE
  • Opened the headquarters’ second office furniture exhibition center


  • Took out products liability (PL) insurance
  • Launched the Online Business Department


  • Launched LOUVRE, an imported antique furniture brand


  • Made voluntary environmental management agreements with Incheon Metropolitan City


  • Launched the Special Sales Department


  • Computerized business by adopting enterprise resource planning (ERP)


  • Selected as a Venture Company (No. 2000172938-737)
  • Opened headquarters’ exhibition center in Incheon

1999 ~

  • 1997.08 Installed the FULL COMBINATION line
  • 1997.08 Changed its name into EMONS FURNITURE Co., Ltd.
  • 1995.11 Trade name was changed into EMONS (trademark registration No. 40-0326901-0000 on December 21,1995)
  • 1994.09 Relocated to the Namdong Industrial Complex (merging of Mokhwa Furniture and Daehwa Industry)
  • 1989.12 Founded Daehwa Industry (second factory)
  • 1979.03 Founded Mokhwa Furniture