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EMONS was founded under the vocation of making the best furniture. Since then, it has taken root as the epitome of total furniture brand in Korea and abroad based on the following management philosophies: “creating futuristic designs”, “seeking a being-first policy”, and “becoming an eco-friendly company”.

EMONS has extended its customer-oriented service systems into specialized business fields such as home furniture, online-dedicated furniture, special sales for apartment furniture, office furniture, and interiors. Moreover, as Korea’s representative total furniture manufacturer, it is also acknowledged as a global company in overseas markets, letting people around the world know the excellence of Korean furniture.

EMONS has steadily fulfilled its corporate social responsibility by conducting various philanthropic activities such as setting up relationships with arts groups, operating the EMONS scholarship association, supporting social welfare groups, etc. We at EMONS promise you that we will prioritize customers’ health and comfort, and always impress them with our eco-friendly products. Thank you.

Kim Gyeong-su


Welcome to the EMONS Web site.

As a specialized total furniture company, EMONS has led the domestic furniture culture. We at EMONS always do our utmost efforts for customers to enjoy the best dwelling culture by creating futuristic designs under the following business mottos: honesty, humility, and enthusiasm.

I believe that high quality, verified design workforce, and constant efforts to provide differentiated high-level services are the reasons why EMONS is recognized as one of the top furniture companies. We received the first Prime Minister’s prize for Good Design among companies in the same industry, was selected for the Good Design Award for 15 consecutive years, and has ranked first in terms of the Korean Standard-Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI) for 3 consecutive years. We will devote ourselves to developing green materials and high-end designs that befit the history of awards. Moreover, based on outstanding designs and quality, we will work hard to push the boundaries of our markets to the United States, Canada, Australia, China, and other countries. Please keep on supporting us as we develop into a global company.

I always appreciate your unceasing interest and support. I am looking forward to your feedback on the EMONS Web site.

Thank you.

Jo Seong-je
CEO and President of EMONS FURNITURE